DSC_1328Angela came into Tai Chi through the energy healing arts during a time of rapid personal development. Now Tai Chi is at the core of her personal life development.


Tai Chi is the healing of the ‘whole’ person Mind, Body and Spirit. Coming from the East Tai Chi along with the other Eastern practices which we use today in the West are extremely beneficial to our health.

By doing these practices it does not mean we ignore conventional medicine, but  use these other methods as a complimentary way to keep ourselves healthy; mentally, physically and spiritually.  Tai Chi can be described from a western point of view as a moving form of  meditation.  Tai Chi being an internal self-defence, can promote health to fight against disease, illness, depression, the effects of aging: arthritis, lack of balance, and so on….

The benefits are extensive, but include:

  • ¨ Improvement to the immune system.
  • ¨ Balance.
  • ¨ Improves flexibility.
  • ¨ Tones the body – Developing the Muscles.
  • ¨ Burns calories – Can help weight loss.
  • ¨ Improves concentration and reduces stress.
  • ¨ Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit.

Western science is now providing proof of these benefits. As you begin to do Tai Chi you will feel the improvement for what you need. The benefits become increasingly noticeable the more you continue with Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is all good, there are no contra – indications, It is however, about listening to your own body, doing what your body will allow, and making an effort. The phrase “No Pain – No Gain” doesn’t apply in Tai Chi, If you feel pain or discomfort you back off. Listening to your body, it lets you know if there is something wrong. You will find as the weeks go by you will improve and be able to do more.


The process of learning Tai Chi is very simple. Week by week we lay the foundations. Learning a new movement and adding it to the last and building on and upwards, until we have the whole of the form together. As we practice we will continually work with balance, posture and stance which deepens and widens our Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is practiced very slowly to get the greatest health benefits. Once the full form is learned it becomes one flowing movement and one of self-expression. You can create your own visualisation  for example: where Tai Chi could become a dance, or the   movement of the waves in the sea, maybe the trees flowing in the wind, or a   positive way to push negativity from your life. It is a moving meditation, which  becomes your own Tai Chi, which feels right within for yourself, to enjoy and  express the experience, for perfect Body, Mind and Spirit.

The earliest Chinese writing characters were simplified pictures of what they represented!
One representation of “Tai Chi” was a picture of an iron stove fuelled from wood, heated by fire. On the stove was water in which rice was being cooked. Steam arose from the cooking of rice.
Thus, very simply, we have a philosophical truth. The elements, wood (earth) water, fire, air and in Chinese thought iron, are being brought together for an alchemic process.
Rice in Chinese culture represents not just itself, but rather like the old European tradition that bread, is the “staff of life” Rice is the building block by which life exists. When combined with the other elements of existence, the created product, the steam, is the very essence of the breath of life.
In enacting the slow, beautiful movement of Tai Chi we bring together the elements within ourselves – The “wood” of the material body; the “water” of the body fluids; the “air” of our breath; the “iron” of our knowledge and the “fire” of our Will to enhance and invigorate the Chi, the vital force and life energy within ourselves.

There is a rhythm to all things.

Everything is in a state of flux.

Everything is constantly changing.

Even great Continents move.

Mountains are ground down to sand.

The waves beat on the shore….

But reach a point of exhaustion

And retreat back into the sea

To again assault the beach a

Moment later.

And each wave is unique. It’s

Size, shape distance of travel

Is unique to itself. The

Beating of the waves is not

A cycle, but is a progression

A change on change

A spiral seen from below

Looks like a circle…..

But seen from a higher

Prospective, its true shape

Can be known.

From the biggest to the

Smallest, all that Is, is

In a state of flux; a

State of change

Even the human breath

Imperceptibly, almost changes

From the out – breath to the

In-breath; each breath taking

Us forward in Life


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