To Know Tai Chi is to do Tai Chi.

Yes, Tai Chi has a history and philosophy and is wonderful tool for developing yourself Physically , Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.

We often think of Tai Chi being Chinese; however there is nothing particularly Chinese about Tai Chi other than it travelled through China into the West bringing with it some of Chinese thought which if we choose we can bring into  our way of being.

As well as Tai Chi being a physical exercise, it also develops us Mentally and Spiritually.  Learning something new; with its’ many levels, many dimensions and also bringing about Personal Development and Personal Change.

The philosophy of Tai Chi is of working with the concept Yin and Yang….not one of the opposites rather one of One Becoming the Other; such as …. Night becoming Day……the In breath changing to become the Outbreath.

Finding the point of change with one becoming the other and continually changing and spiralling, growing and developing into something new, something deeper, bringing about change and new beginnings.