Wendletrap Tai Chi as offered by Tai Chi Scotland/ Tai Chi na h-Alba

Principles of Wendeltrap Tai Chi

  1. Everyone of whatever age, gender, and religion, politics, degree of health or disability, mental or physical will be able to render an interpretation of the form.
  2. All Wendeltrap Tai Chi Forms will follow the sequence Capital T; Diagonal; Monkeys; Waves Hands at Passing Clouds; Go down; White water (bits and pieces); Biff Bong Sequence; Four corners; Finale; Bow.
  3. The first form is to teach basics:  Stances, flow, arm movements, relaxation, and spiritual connection. Etc.
  4. The second form is to develop the basics into a strong exercise capable of a martial arts development.
  5. The third form is to develop the inner strength with twirling, binding sensuous movements.  It also has high-level martial arts potential.
  6. Form four is the basic sword form of Wendeltrap Tai Chi. Forms five and six are more profound aspects of  Tai Chi taught to students who have sought to understand the earlier four forms.
  7. Form Seven is the developed form of the player taking pieces from his/hers own inclination, maybe using parts of forms One to Six, but being in harmony with the above principles.
  8. Form Eight is the developed Form of the Teacher, refined and analysed so that is may be taught.
  9. There is no dress code in Wendeltrap Tai Chi. It is suggested that students wear clothing that is physically comfortable and if they are comfortable in themselves with the clothing they choose to wear – that it expresses who they are, or who they wish to appear to be at that point in time.
  10. Wendeltrap Tai Chi is not for financial profit. Only the cost of running the class, including a reasonable income for the teacher, will be charged to the student or to the client. No student will ever be turned away because of a genuine inability to pay.
  11. Wendeltrap Tai Chi is not prissy, pretentious, reverential or hierarchical. Rather Wendeltrap Tai Chi is welcoming, person centrered, liberating and joyous fun.

Tai ChiPhoto supplied by: Lewis Irons


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